Sanmarga Abhayam

Inner Awakening and Wellness Program

Live a Wholistic life, with  Sanmarga Abhayam. It is possible to spiritually evolve and expand yourself while being completely immersed in worldly affairs. It is possible to find your ‘Centre’ and build a capacity to stay there, no matterwhat is happening around you. And it is possible to tap your infinite potential and exuberate it in everything you do.

Sukshma Dhrashta

Capability and Competency building Program for children

A child should be able to perceive complex and critical information in the first attempt, with finer attention to details. For this, children should be trained to build their capability and competence, so that they not only absorb all the details, but they also develop the required perceptive intelligence to apply the information. This would not only make the information come alive, but will also boost the self-worth and self-conception in children they will grow up to create a unique space for themselves in society.

Sthita Prajna

An Intensive program designed to greatly enhance the function of the human brain through the process of ‘Whole brain development.

The uniquely designed meditations enhance 8 centers located in both the hemispheres of the brain. When the centers work in harmony, and with better Neural Coherence, functions like Spontaneous thinking, planning, people management, and Time Management are naturally heightened.

Tryst with Sanmarga

Tryst with Sanmarga is an Intensive Guidance programme which is designed in a way that your daily evolution is observed and analysed so that you along with your family (depending upon the program) can be motivated, guided, trained and nurtured to achieve and be the best in all the aspects of your life. You will also have access to all Sanmarga workshops, from the day of joining, for a period of twelve months online/offline.




Aantharangika is an Intensive Guidance program, for select few members of the Tryst with Sanamrga program, which is designed in a way that your daily evolution is observed and analyzed so that you can be motivated, guided, trained, and nurtured to achieve and be the best in all the aspects of your life. 

Agnibodhi Program

For Children Diagnosed with ASD and ADHD

The word Agnibodhi means, ‘awakening the intelligence.’

A program especially designed to spurt development in children diagnosed with ASD. The effects of ASD can be seen across a varying spectrum. 


The word AgniHamsa means, ‘awakening the intelligence.’

This is an advanced program designed to further the benefits of AgniBodhi Program. The Program is focused on Cognitive enhancement of the Parents and the child to create a further synergy of Growth and well-being for the entire family.

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